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MainView Message Management

MainView Message Management

Powerful message queue management

MainView Message Management provides critical visibility and rule-based automation to help system programmers manage their IBM MQ environment. With this solution, you will:
  • Reduce the risk of disruption by keeping your MQ environment free of obstacles.
  • Provide a clear view of the MQ objects across multiple MQ environments.
  • Set up automatic actions to resolve drops in performance or availability.

Expedited troubleshooting

Identify and resolve issues in your message queue much faster with MainView for MQ. From a single, user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to spot potential problems, set up automated actions to resolve them, and issue MQ commands to make sure they don’t happen again.

Detailed data collection

Monitor every aspect of your queue, by collecting and storing data on every individual MQ call as it occurs.

Sophisticated automation

Correct for errors and failures with automated actions that you can build via the user-friendly rules panel—no coding required.

Direct message management

Edit, copy, move, and otherwise manage any message in any queue, directly from the MainView interface.

Shared MQ call data

Use the API Trace Facility feature to make data on individual MQ calls available for use with other applications.

Queue manager optimization

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your queue manager with the Tuning Wizard feature, which guides users through key metrics.

Central, web-based interface

Enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly, web-based GUI that consolidates information from all of the MainView products you run.

Dynamic thresholds

Use the Threshold Advisor feature to set intelligent, dynamic thresholds based on real-time data and business cycles.

Historical reporting & analysis

Take advantage of sophisticated data views to compare historical and current data or build analytical reports.

Healthy, available business applications

  • Keep lines of communication open between applications.
  • Enjoy shorter mean time to resolution with better transparency and root cause analysis.
  • Improve efficiency beyond your MQ environment by making call data available to other programs.

Products included in this solution

The MainView Message Management solution is made up of the following products, which will give you critical visibility into, and control over, your IBM MQ environment.

  • MainView for MQ

    MainView for MQ ensures the health and availability of your IBM MQ environment. From a single console, this product offers complete control over MQ configuration, administration, performance monitoring, and automation. You’ll enjoy faster troubleshooting, with the ability to retrieve and view the status of individual MQ calls. Resource costs can be reduced with the ability to offload eligible processing to zIIP specialty engines. MainView for MQ includes features for editing page set usage for queues, optimizing the performance of the queue manager, and making MQ call information available to other programs.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: MainView Message Management

  • MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ

    MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ provides a powerful automation solution for correcting mainframe-based IBM MQ errors and failures that can affect your queue managers, queues, channels, name lists, and clusters. MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ can automatically take recovery or notification actions when any MainView monitor product raises an alarm. With an intuitive rule-building interface, you’ll be able to create powerful automation without the need for REXX coding. Replacing repetitive, error-prone manual interventions with automated ones will help you avoid costly performance interruptions.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: MainView Message Management