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BMC Helix Digital Workplace 提供直观、智能、消费者式的体验,帮助组织逐步开展未来的工作。

The single source to program everything your enterprise needs for immersive, multichannel user journeys and hybrid work experiences

  • 智能自助服务可快速提供更智能、更强大的解决问题方法
  • 智能知识管理服务通过提供正确信息以获得最佳问题解决方案,为企业提供极具吸引力的体验
  • 统一服务目录清理目录乱象,在一个目录中展示定制服务,满足包括 IT、HR 和设施在内的多个业务部门的员工需求
  • 消费者式体验采用简洁熟悉的界面,一站式提供产品和服务,帮助员工获取所需的一切
  • BMC Helix Virtual Agent 提供对话功能以及由 AI 提供支持的认知搜索,预测用户需求并快速提供用户所需的帮助,而且无需任何人工协助
  • 全渠道选择跨渠道提供增值体验和知识管理功能,以便员工在需要时找到所需的信息

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Put user experiences at the forefront with a unified way to design, implement, and measure the digital employee experience across devices

Personalized User Journeys

Improve the digital employee experience by giving your employees a single pane of glass for all the resources they need for success. No more hunting and investigating for services and products. BMC Helix Digital Workplace Studio empowers enterprises to build custom experiences, microsites, and persona-driven journeys to improve employee engagement, productivity, and resolution times.

  • Save time with no-code authoring, progressive web applications, and drag-and-drop tooling
  • Build media-rich, unified service catalogs and content pages based on employees’ job functions
  • Tailor page designs quickly with embedded options for content blocks, feature banners, and images with auto-synchronization across devices
  • Design unique LOB experience pages, microsites, and persona-driven journeys, all within BMC Helix Digital Workplace Studio
  • Deliver consumer-like experiences that are aligned with your brand design to employees
  • Integrate third-party tools, data sets, and applications of choice
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Bring your teams together quickly for real-time case resolution

Improved Collaboration

Build new work hubs embedding visual collaboration, content services, work management, and meetings for use across business and IT departments

  • Centralize the configuration and management of work hubs with BMC Helix Digital Workplace
  • Improve employee experiences with BMC Helix ITSM integrated real-time knowledge swarming and AI chatbots to resolve cases in real-time and accelerate business outcomes
  • Harness analytics and performance metrics across devices and work hub modalities to build collaboration best practices for your enterprise
  • Configure unique work hubs by department and business role such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), finance, and legal
  • Promote employee communication, professional networking, and information service access anytime, anywhere
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BMC Helix DWP Catalog


员工希望使用现代化的工具,随时随地在任意设备上完成工作。借助 BMC Helix Digital Workplace,员工可以通过多个渠道来查找信息、请求服务和解决问题。

  • 智能:完全支持的嵌入式认知虚拟服务台人员为您提供个性化和智能化的最终用户体验
  • 对话式: BMC Helix Virtual Agent(BMC Helix 虚拟服务台人员)可根据您选择的自然语言理解您的问题
  • 全渠道:以您想要的方式,在线下通过 Microsoft、WhatsApp、手机、Slack、Skype for Business 以及短信等任何方式进行交互
  • Create customized digital workplace microsites and communication experiences to improve collaboration
  • Simplify engagement through employee Single Sign-On (SSO) access to service catalogs across devices
  • Integrate processes and workflows to expedite assistance from the service desk, human resources, facilities, customer care, procurement, and other lines of business


Intelligent Automation



  • 员工可以自己采购,从而减少对服务台的常规请求
  • 在统一平台上整合各个门户,从而清理目录乱象
  • 为员工提供最新的生产力工具
  • 跟踪使用情况、性能及成本
  • Create the experiences you want with well-structured site navigation, embedded process management, and site maps based on user access entitlements
  • Converse in the way you prefer and fully resolve issues in the language and channel of your choice anytime, anywhere, in any manner, with virtual or live agents

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