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BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® (previously Object Administration) helps you simplify database administration, automate common tasks, and boost productivity and availability.

Reduce your risk of data loss, errors, and downtime

Making changes to objects in your database—even performing routine administrative tasks—can be difficult and risky. There are dozens of tasks to track, and a single misstep could have a disastrous impact on availability and data integrity. Reduce both effort and risk with a collection of tools to help you:

  • Reduce the time required to administer complex and disparate Db2 environments
  • Automate routine tasks throughout the application lifecycle for improved integrity
  • Improve productivity with simplified Db2 catalog navigation and change management
  • Enhance application availability by performing changes and maintenance with minimal outages
BMC AMI Database Admin DB2

Connect with a database management expert

Simplify administration tasks and boost productivity

Enhance application availability


BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® increases and enhances application availability with these functions:

  • Automates tasks that keep databases available during updates and changes
  • Create copies instantly, with no outages
  • Capture a complete snapshot of your data quickly, without having to suspend read/write access to your database

Mitigate the dangers of change


Database changes can introduce risk. BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® helps you mitigate and reduce this risk, improving your overall resiliency.

  • Take advantage of version control and pre-production testing
  • Make changes carefully and confidently
  • Ensure everything is put back together correctly

Speed up your data tasks


BMC AMI Database Administration for Db2® speeds up routine database tasks, making you more nimble.

  • Use the load, unload, and copy utilities to move and duplicate data faster, with fewer resource demands
  • Easily apply changes from one database schema to corresponding structures across your environment
  • Navigate and interact with your Db2 catalog information with a powerful catalog management tool
“By regularly using the BMC solutions to identify the top consumers of MIPS, we’ve been able to prioritize our efforts and start with the ones that would have the biggest impact on CPU consumption. Our developers use the tool more because the interface is so easy to work with.” — Marc Tougaw, Db2 Systems Programmer, Dillard’s
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