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Proactively manage IMS full-function databases and high-availability large databases (HALDBs) to ensure availability, recoverability, data integrity, and performance. Enable less-experienced users to manage even the most complex IMS environments.

Simplify and automate full-function and HALDB maintenance

Through an intuitive web-based user interface, BMC solutions for HALDBs and full-function databases allow you to:

  • Reorganize and back up databases while they are online and available to applications
  • Ensure recoverability
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Enable intelligent compression

Proactively maintain HALDB and full-function databases

Reorganize with virtually no outage

HALDB and Full-Function Database Solutions_infographic_Reorganize

Well-organized databases are essential for optimal application performance, but database reorganizations traditionally require lengthy outages. BMC reorganization solutions enable you to reorganize – with virtually no downtime – so that your applications are available when your users need them. With these solutions you can:

  • Reorganize databases while they are online and being updated
  • Reorganize just the parts of a database that are causing performance problems
  • Ensure optimal application performance with well-organized databases
  • Save CPU resources by taking an image copy of the reorganized database as part of the reorganization process

Ensure recoverability

HALDB-and Full-Function-Database-Solutions_infographic_Backup-and-recover

A comprehensive backup and recovery strategy is essential because if an outage occurs, you need to be able to recover quickly and without errors. With BMC backup and recovery solutions, you can:

  • Create image copies while the database is online with no need to worry about block sizes, buffer pool sizes, or I/O subsystems
  • Accumulate changes and process multiple change accumulation groups with a single pass of log data sets
  • Recover databases quickly and efficiently, whether when you are doing performing a standard, roll-forward, or disaster recovery, or when recovering to a time-stamp or particular point-in-time
  • Simulate recovery scenarios and be prepared for any situation
  • Detect, report, and correct conditions that may affect the recovery of IMS databases – and take image copies of the databases that have changed since the last image copy

Ensure data integrity, implement compression, and partition full-function databases easily


BMC solutions for IMS enable you to get the most from your IMS databases, regardless of which type of database structure you use.

  • Proactively monitor database space usage, ensure data integrity and availability, and improve performance by identifying internal database problems
  • Ensure data integrity by preventing online and batch programs from using the wrong IMS control block
  • Reduce database reorganization and image copy run times by 30%-50% with compression that allows you to select the best compression method to match your data
  • Implement database partitioning without the restrictions of HALDB

Bank Central Asia achieves near-zero downtime of critical IMS databases to give its customers enhanced online banking services

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