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BMC AMI Ops Automation 8.x: Fundamentals Using TOM

BMC AMI Ops Automation (BMC AMI OpsA) product is part of the BMC AMI Ops Automation for Data Centers solution. This product provides tools and applications to improve an operator’s ability to provide high system availability and helps the operator through error minimization, improved productivity, and problem determination and prevention.

This course provides the essential knowledge required to work on Total Object Manager (TOM) which provides a basic infrastructure that manages a variety of objects in a z/OS sysplex environment. The course teaches how to define individual objects or grouped together in sets, set up calendar dependencies, associate automation commands with an object that can be scheduled before TOM starts an object, and also define multiple systems on which an object is eligible to be started.

Note: BMC AMI Ops Automation was formerly known as MainView AutoOPERATOR™.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 8.x

Good for:

Administrators, Operators, System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 8 hours

Course Modules

  • BMC AMI Ops TOM Overview
    • Introduction to Total Object Manager (TOM)
    • Object definitions
    • Explain Tools
    • Supporting infrastructure RTCS, Automation, and CAS
    • Explain TOM Architecture
    • Manage Definition Base
    • Define TOM Registry
    • Manage TOM Registry
    • TOM Registry Size planning
    • TOM Registry Allocation
    • Primary and Line Commands for TDEFBS
  • Creating and Managing Objects in BMC AMI Ops TOM
    • Create Objects
    • Start and Stop command specification
    • Add Dependencies and Server Information
    • Save Object Definition
    • Explain Transient Objects
    • Create Transient Objects
    • Add dependencies to objects
    • Manage Objects
    • Manage Sets
    • Primary Commands on 3270
    • Primary Commands on Explorer/GUI
    • Line Commands on 3270
    • Line Commands on Explorer/GUI
    • Dependency Chart in Explorer
    • Object Status
  • Configuring BMC AMI Ops TOM
    • Set User Preferences
    • Define Calendar Definition Base
    • Manage Calendar Definition Base
    • Set Calendar Definition Base
    • Describe Calendar Entries:
      • DAY
      • TIME
      • PERIOD
      • SET
    • Calendar Entry TCALENT View
    • Primary and Line Commands for TCALENT
    • Add Calendar Entry
    • Define SET
    • SET management with TSET View (3270)
    • Primary command for TSET
    • Add a SET
    • Line commands for TSET and TSET - OPR
    • Define Layering
    • Managing Layer with EZTLAYER view