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BMC AMI Ops Automation 8.x: Fundamentals Managing

BMC AMI Ops Automation (BMC AMI OpsA) product is part of the BMC AMI Ops Automation for Data Centers solution. This product provides tools and applications to improve an operator’s ability to provide high system availability and helps the operator through error minimization, improved productivity, and problem determination and prevention.

This course will help understand Automation beyond just the creation and deletion of Rules; it will provide a walkthrough of “How to manage Rules for better performance”.

Note: BMC AMI Ops Automation was formerly known as MainView AutoOPERATOR.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 8.x

Good for:

Administrators, Operators, System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 8 hours

Course Modules

  • Managing BMC AMI Ops Automation
    • Introduction to Rule processor
    • How are Rules Fired?
    • Automation Strategies
      • Automation Global Strategy
      • Automation ALL Strategy
      • Automation FIRST Strategy
      • Automation INDIVIDUAL Strategy
    • Elements of Rule Organization
      • AOPLex
      • PASDef
      • PAS list
      • Setbase
      • Rulesets
      • Rule Pool
    • Chained Rule Groups
    • Collecting Diagnostics
    • Overview of Rules Management application
    • Viewing Realtime Data
    • Rules Management Tools
      • Deployment Queue
      • Local Parms
      • Rule Group Views
      • Orphaned Structures
    • Solution Administration
      • Setting Email Host
      • Setting SNMP Traps
      • Setting zAware server
      • Setting IMFEXEC MVX Host Server
    • Integrating Automation Solution
    • BMC Impact Integration for z/OS®
    • Generalized Message Exchange (GME) Interface
    • BHOM Integration Example (REST API)
  • Tracking BMC AMI Ops Automation
    • Automation Reporter Overview
    • Activating Automation Reporter
    • Accessing Automation Reporter
    • Tracking Automation
      • Actions
      • Alerts
      • Automation Stats
      • CPU Time by Program
      • Events
      • Health Metrics
      • Resources
      • Rules
      • Rulesets
      • EXECs
    • Automation Logger
      • Logging Automation
      • Activating Automation Logger
      • Automation Logger Views
      • Automation Logger Reports
    • Administrative tasks
    • Utilities for Administrative Tasks
      • Registry management
      • Changing Registry size
    • Migrating from Traditional to Rules Management
      • AutoLoad
      • Manual Import
    • Importing Ruleset views