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通过 Control-M 将自动化工作流排期嵌入您的开发流程。 Control-M Automation API 能够帮助开发人员和 DevOps 工程师使用自动化自助服务工作流加快应用交付。
Operationalize applications faster with automated job scheduling
Operationalize applications faster with automated job scheduling

Learn how to flip the switch from 14 key DevOps industry experts

Build continuous delivery into your organization  ›


  • 在创建应用时构建更多功能和管理特性以节约时间
  • 利用 API 和 CLI 实现工作流的自动化构建、测试、打包、部署和管理
  • 通过 JSON、GIT 和 Jenkins 等熟悉的工具构建并管理工作流
  • 在 HDFS, Spark, Sqoop, Hive, Pig, Python, MapReduce, Oozie 等文件中使用嵌入代码样本的 Hadoop 数据集
  • 拓展 Control-M 的单点控制,从而在开发环境中管理工作负载流程

了解如何在 Control-M 中嵌入“作业即代码”

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Integrate Jobs-as-Code into your existing CI/CD toolchain


Is your organization implementing DevOps to shorten application delivery lifecycles? Stop wasting time – build batch business application automation earlier in the software delivery lifecycle.

Control-M Workbench can:

  • Provide access to build, test, and debug batch automation in a sandbox environment
  • Seamlessly integrate with preferred CI/CD tools and methods, including JSON, Git, Jenkins, and others
  • Reduce rework, speed application delivery and increase quality
  • Foster skill sharing and collaboration between development and operations
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Enterprise Architect


Control-M Automation API 可帮助您:

  • 通过自助服务获得排期能力,避免过度依赖 IT 运维团队
  • 在把应用和作业转移到 IT Ops 的过程中减少纠正错误所用时间
  • 通过使用与现有 CI/CD 工具兼容的标准排期程序,花费更少时间了解多种排期解决方案


Business Executive/IT Leader


Control-M Automation API 可帮助您的团队:

  • 提高应用上市速度,通过将工作流功能嵌入开发周期,提高竞争力
  • 促进流程标准化,以降低单点故障风险,并控制可能导致成本上升的随意添置工具的现象
“A Jobs-as-Code approach is paramount for anyone doing agile development and DevOps. We have been using Control-M for years in operations, and now the product gives our developers full ownership and control of their jobs in a coding environment that is familiar to them, so they can define the business processes they want to automate in production.” — Robert Stinnett, Automation Analyst, IT Operations at Carfax

自动化 DevOps 工作流入门