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BMC 大数据解决方案可自动化、加速并优化 Hadoop 和支持技术生态系统,实现敏捷交付,卓越运维,从而获得竞争优势。
Navigate the world of big data workflows

Identify the technology and resources best suited for your big data project

Managing Big Data Workflows for Dummies ›


  • 快速集成 Hadoop 与企业应用堆栈
  • 使用熟悉的工具和强大的管理面板 – 开发人员可创建“作业即代码”工作流程,此项操作能够管理所有应用程序和数据库中的 Hadoop 工作流程
  • 已经过 Cloudera、Hortonworks 和 Map-R Hadoop 的实施认证
A 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65M in additional net income. (Source: KPMG)
By 2020, analytically oriented organizations will achieve an extra $430B in productivity gains over those less analytically oriented. (Source: IDC)

快速推动大数据项目业务价值的 3 大途径


Agile Integration



Optimized Utilization


  • TrueSight Capacity Optimization 有助于规划并合理控制 Hadoop 生态系统的规模大小(包括计算、存储和网络资源),从而确保容量可用性并控制基础架构成本。
  • TrueSight Operations Manager 通过监控 Hadoop 基础架构和服务,有助于 IT 持续交付服务。


Holistic Visibility

当数据成为您公司最重要的资产时,黑客势必会通过 Hadoop 群集下的基础架构找到入侵方法。

使用 BMC Discovery,您可以:

  • 实时发现可直接支持的基础架构并将其连接至大数据计划
  • 评估漏洞扫描程序所保护的内容,发现潜在安全漏洞,使用已知补丁自动修复以保护宝贵的资产

Big Data Certifications

BMC recognizes the value of the big data ecosystem and works with the major Hadoop distributors and system integrators to ensure seamless integration.

“前沿领先企业的大数据工作流正在迅猛增长。如需将这些项目投入满负荷生产,所面临的难题是需要快速在 Hadoop 环境和现有的应用环境之间搭起桥梁。Control-M 中的 Hadoop 支持能让客户能够顺利解决这项难题。” — George Gilbert,Wikibon 公司大数据和分析统计分析员

Accelerate big data project delivery with enterprise automation

Big data relies heavily on interaction with the rest of the IT ecosystem. A unified approach to automating real-time and batch processes across multiple platforms ensures consistent service levels.

Reduce complexity and cost to drive operational excellence

Eliminate unnecessary spending by accurately planning IT resource requirements. Prevent service delays with predictive analytics that alert you to problems, and holistic views of your infrastructure dependencies.