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What’s New in Modern Observability and AIOps

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We are delighted to announce that we are live with our 24.1 January 2024 release, bringing modern IT teams more practical uses of causal, generative, and predictive AI.

BMC Helix AIOps

We added Advanced Anomaly Detection and patented Best Action Recommendation using BMC HelixGPT. IT teams need accurate and easily accessible insight from massive amounts of observability data. That is why we are bringing IT practitioners more practical uses of causal, generative, and predictive AI.

Improve service reliability with Advanced Anomaly Detection

Advanced Anomaly Detection adds an autoconfiguration option to existing machine learning (ML)-based anomaly detection. Now, all key performance indicators (KPIs) are automatically analyzed and alerted on when the anomaly matches sensitivity settings.

  • Autodetect all anomalies using one-click configuration across your cloud services and infrastructure
  • Fine-tune anomaly detection to unique environments with adjustable sensitivity
  • Combine static thresholds and ML to identify both the known and unknown unknowns

Resolve incidents quickly and easily with generative AI

Trained on past incidents, situations, and remediation actions, patented Best Action Recommendation uses generative AI based on BMC HelixGPT to accelerate the time to resolution with actionable insights in a human-readable language.

  • Utilize knowledge from past incidents, situations, and remediation actions to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Use Best Action Recommendation insights to accelerate your response
  • Get a sample code recommendation using Best Action Recommendation

Optimize performance and resource utilization

The combination of Best Action Recommendation and Advanced Anomaly Detection creates a powerful solution that allows IT teams to be proactive and optimize performance and resource utilization.

  • Understand and act on trends quicker
  • Find anomalies instantly without domain knowledge or the need for query language
  • Detect performance or resource bottlenecks faster without tedious configuration steps
Optimize performance and resource utilization

Observability Enhancements

New BMC Helix Intelligent Connectors enhance IT coverage and visibility

BMC Helix AIOps now integrates with Icinga, allowing our customers to get enhanced visibility into their tooling and bring and correlate new data sources. We also enhanced existing connectors, including Entuity, Zabbix, Prometheus, SolarWinds, Datadog, VMware vRealize Operations (vROPS), Cisco AppDynamics, SolarWinds, and CA UIM to help IT get better visibility to find and fix issues.

Enhanced BMC Helix Discovery Technology Knowledge Updates

BMC Helix Discovery Technology Knowledge Updates (TKU) content is now expanded with new cloud, software, storage, and network solutions. Now BMC Helix Discovery provides even more visibility into your IT environment to help IT optimize operations.

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