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BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced Starter Service


Build a unique unified catalog, totally integrated with BMC Products, third party products and public cloud services. Enable a real powerful self-service with unlimited extensions possibility.

What you get:

BMC will perform the following:

  • Configure user roles, banners, catalog sections in DWPA settings
  • Using existing Foundation Data*, BMC will configure up to five Simple Services that can be requested by end users from BMC Digital Workplace. One of five Simple Services may include one of the in-scope integrations.
  • Assist the customer with configuration of one integration from the following out-of-the box, bi-directional Service Connector* options:
    • Microsoft Active Directory Connector – Create and update users, groups, and computers in Microsoft Active Directory
    • AWS Market Place Connector – Provision Amazon EC2 Cloud instances
    • AWS Service Catalog Connector – Import services from AWS Service Catalog
    • Azure Connector – Provision Azure services
    • Citrix Xen App Connector – Import virtual apps from the Citrix Xen App server
    • Citrix Xen Desktop Connector – Import virtual desktop from the Citrix Xen desktop server
    • Citrix XenMobile Connector – Provision a list of mobile applications available on the Citrix XenMobile server
    • Flexera Connector – Request licenses by querying Flexera database
    • Microsoft Office 365 Connector – Manage users in Microsoft Office 365
  • Configure BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced in three environments: Dev, QA, and Production

BMC will provide this service with one of the approaches below:

Delivery Options Success Credits Required
Standard Delivery*
Country-Specific Staffing*

Deliverables: Using BMC’s standard methodology and templates, the following Deliverables are in scope for this project and will be delivered:

  • Construction Document

Completion Criteria: BMC will have completed these Consulting Services when the in-scope Consulting Services have been completed and the Deliverables have been delivered to the Customer Project Manager.


  • Customer has an implemented BMC Helix ITSM platform
  • Customer has license to BMC Helix Integration Service if using BMC Service Connectors
  • Customer has existing Foundation Data loaded
  • Customer will be responsible for:
    • Conducting functional testing
    • Providing access to third-party integration servers

Additional information:

  • Estimated Duration: 4 weeks
  • In-scope Product: BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced
  • Service Type: Deployment
  • Availability: Active
  • Success Service Code: DWPA_STRT_002, DWPA_STRT_002_ONSHORE
  • Date Last Updated: 10/05/2023

Getting started is easy

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