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BMC Discovery 22.X: Fundamental Administering - Part 2 (ASP)

BMC Discovery is a datacenter discovery solution that automatically discovers datacenter inventory, configuration and relationship data, and maps applications to the IT infrastructure. BMC Discovery establishes the foundation for improving IT processes and productivity by providing timely and actionable insight to make informed decisions in IT service management, asset management, and infrastructure/operations management.

This self-paced, hands-on course provides learners with all the information on the key concepts and core functionality of BMC Discovery. The course covers new features and improvements made to BMC Discovery. Participants will receive all important information on architecture, functionalities, utilities, configurations, and troubleshooting tips for optimal deployment.

This course offers closed captioning in five additional languages: French, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese and Italian. The multi-lingual closed captioning is generated using artificial intelligence(AI) and machine translation so that more customers can benefit from our courses.

Major release:

BMC (Helix) Discovery 22.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Assisted Self Paced (ASP) | 16 hours

Course Modules

  • Dashboards Overview
    • Dashboard Basics
    • Channels Overview
    • Adding Channels
    • Working with Dashboards
    • Dashboards in the CLI
  • Query Builder and Query Language Overview
    • Types of Searches
    • Query Builder Basics
    • Query Builder Layout
    • Building a Query
    • Custom Reports
    • Formulating Queries
    • The SEARCH and WHERE Clauses
    • The SHOW Clause
    • Matches in Regular Expressions
  • CMDB Synchronization Overview
    • Introduction to CMDB Synchronization
    • Configuring the CMDB Connection
    • CMDB Filters
    • Configuring CMDB Synchronization
    • Multitenancy
    • CMDB Synchronization in a Cluster
    • Viewing CIs in the CMDB
  • User Administration and Security
    • User Management
    • LDAP Integration
    • Security Policy
    • General Security Concepts at the CLI
    • Secure Deployment
    • Credential Managers
    • Managing Single Sign-on