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BMC AMI Storage Allocation 8.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)

BMC AMI Storage solutions helps simplify mainframe storage environments, ensure application availability, and manage mainframe storage environment from a single point of control. BMC AMI Storage Allocation, BMC AMI Storage Automation and BMC AMI Storage Reporting products are part of the BMC AMI Storage solution.

BMC AMI Storage Allocation is a standalone product that integrates with other BMC AMI Storage products. The product provides storage allocation based on business priorities, reduces the storage needed for data allocations, and ensures jobs complete successfully while improving availability and reducing costs.

This course will help learners understand the functions available within BMC AMI Storage Allocation, usage of allocation reports and allocation services, utilities for allocation function analysis, and the Data Set Size Assist feature.

Note: BMC AMI Storage was formerly known as MainView SRM™, and BMC AMI Storage Allocation was formerly known as MainView SRM™ Allocation.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 8.x

Good for:

Administrators, System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 3 hours

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to BMC AMI Storage Allocation
    • Products Under BMC AMI Storage
    • Accessing BMC AMI Storage
    • Starting BMC AMI Storage components
    • Defining BMC AMI Storage System
    • BMC AMI Storage Definition Members
    • Need for BMC AMI Storage Allocation
    • Benefits of Using BMC AMI Storage Allocation
    • Key Features
    • Requirements and Restrictions for BMC AMI Storage Allocation
  • Module 2: Allocation Functions
    • Function Activation
    • ADFUNC View
    • Selection Criteria Fields
    • NOCATLG2 Function
    • OPENEMPT Function
    • OPENEMPT Example
    • PDSDIRAD Function
    • PDSDIRAD Examples
    • SMSSELCT Function
    • SMSSELCT Messages
    • SPACPRIM Function
    • SPACPRIM Example
    • SPACPRIM Messages
    • SPACRLSE Function
    • SPACRLSE Examples
    • SPACSECA Function
    • SPACSECA Example
    • SPACSECI Function
    • SPACSECR Function
    • SPACSECR Example
    • SPACSWIR Function
    • SPACSWIR Example
    • SPACVOLA Function
    • Function Tracing
  • Module 3: Allocation Reports and Services
    • Data Set Size Report
    • Multiple Volume Report
    • Pool Violation Report
    • DFSMS Construct Report
    • Management Class Synchronization Service
    • Storage Class Synchronization Service
    • Storage Group Synchronization Service