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BMC AMI Apptune for Db2® 13.x: Fundamentals Administering (WBT)

BMC AMI Apptune for Db2 is an application performance and resource analysis product used to gather and display data from a single SQL statement or a set of SQL statements.

The gathered data provides valuable information about the performance and resource use of Db2 applications.

This course introduces the fundamentals of administering BMC AMI Apptune for Db2, including information about User Profiles, working with DOMPLEX Option Sets and Filter Option Sets, PADB Starter JCL, Batch Utilities, System and SQL Performance Exits, Output Groups, and Data Collector Commands.

Major release:

BMC AMI Data 13.x

Good for:

System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2 hours

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Administration Menu
    • Introduction to Administration
      • How to access the administration function
      • Administration Menu options
      • Administration Menu Navigation
    • User Profiles
      • Overview of User Profiles
      • User Profile Administration navigation
      • Automatic access
      • Master Profiles
      • Authorization options
      • Session control
      • Session options
      • Presentation options
      • Setting values for function keys
    • DOMPLEX Option Sets
      • DOMPLEX option sets navigation
      • Setting up DOMPLEX option sets
      • Task summary for setting up DOMPLEX option sets
      • Considerations when setting data transfer limits
      • Creating a DOMPLEX option set
      • Deleting obsolete option sets
      • Viewing the current maintenance level of Apptune
    • Apptune Filters
      • Overview of Apptune Filters
      • Apptune Filters flowchart
      • Collection Options
      • Working with filter option sets
      • Creating a filter option set
      • Apptune Resource Utilization
      • Filtering scenarios
      • How to collect data for a specific plan
      • How to suppress collection for specific plans
    • Working with Option Sets
      • Overview
      • Resolving validation errors
      • Fastpath Commands
      • Defining section defaults
    • PADB Starter JCL
      • Running the PADB
      • Loading data into the PADB
      • Purging old data from PADB
  • Module 2: BMC AMI Apptune Functionalities and Commands
    • Batch Utilities and System and SQL Performance Exits
      • Overview of batch utilities
      • Overview of System and SQL Performance Exits
      • Set user ID for security checks (DOMEXIT1)
      • Override security attributes (DOMEXIT2)
      • Validate DB2 user authority (DOMEXIT4)
      • Set session ID (DOMEXIT6)
    • Output Group Considerations
      • Overview of an output group
      • Data Classes
      • Log Files
      • Reporting Logset Information
      • Output group recommendations
      • How to create an output group
      • STATUS command (Data Collector)
    • Data Collector Commands
      • DOMSTART
      • DOMSTOP