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What’s Shaping the Workplace in 2021 “What’s Shaping the Workplace in 2021 — And How Your Company Can Adapt”

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Whats Shaping the Workplace 2021

How your company can adapt

High performers are still in demand and businesses are competing for the same talent pool. While 2021 hasn’t quite brought on a new reality, it did necessitate new approaches to old ideas.

Dr. Alex Alonso, Chief Knowledge Officer for SHRM and Bill Sheridan, Vice President of Product Management for BMC recently participated in a webinar to discuss these new approaches and explore data from a SHRM study on the current state of the workplace.

Among the key messages, Dr. Alonso discussed how employees feel about their work cultures and how businesses can take positivity into 2022 and beyond.

This report contains:

  • A summary of BMC’s recent webinar Workplace Origami: Making Sense of The Forces Shaping the Workplace in 2021
  • Insights into how businesses are adapting to changing workforce conditions
  • Tips on how to address workforce challenges

BMC helps customers run and reinvent their businesses to succeed in new and better ways.

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