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Limited support continues for TM ART through March 2019

BMC Transaction Management Application Response Time is being replaced by TrueSight App Visibility Manager. Full support for both the Infrastructure and Service Level Editions ended in May 2014.

We recommend migrating to TrueSight App Visibility Manager and TrueSight Operations Management for enhanced diagnostics, extended reporting, and integration with Borland Silk Performer.

TrueSight AppVisibility

TrueSight AppVisibility 是一款应用性能管理套件,可监测并管理打包的或基于 Web 或移动 Web 的现代应用生态系统,从基础架构和代码到客户体验,无所不能。

TrueSight Operations Management

BMC TrueSight Operations Management 可监测复杂的 IT 环境,分析多样化数据,为您提供切实可行的 IT 见解,帮助您解决业务问题。

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