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Customer-centric data drives optimal home health care for 25K users

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Business Challenge

Harmony IS (now part of Mediware Information Systems) provides local governments and private-provider human services organizations solutions to automate the delivery of home care to seniors and the disabled. When a lack of performance visibility “beyond the front door” made it hard to meet customer expectations, IT needed a way to monitor these critical services from the end user’s perspective—all the way to their devices.

BMC Solution

BMC End User Experience Management, now part of TrueSight App Visibility Manager, enables Harmony to monitor the performance of customer-facing applications from the user’s perspective. Application diagnostics help IT find and fix performance issues with transaction tracing and deep-dive diagnostics.

Business Impact

Harmony can now monitor customer-facing applications and detect, isolate, and resolve latency issues quickly and effectively.

  • Deep visibility into the user experience enables IT to pinpoint problems and restore service faster.
  • Visibility into transactions enables proactive problem detection in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • The ability to drill down into the source of a problem and troubleshoot using a single tool simplifies and accelerates problem diagnosis.
  • Proactive problem detection and easy drill-down have decreased mean time to repair (MTTR) by 10 times or more.
  • Monitoring all the way to the customer’s device enables correlation of issues to specific customer sources such as a customer’s ISP or applications.

“Our customers rely on our applications to deliver critical services to people in need. And many use our applications to generate accurate, timely reports to comply with reporting requirements so that federal funding to support their services isn’t jeopardized. The BMC solutions are helping us make sure that our systems are working the way they should.”

— Todd Bransford, Vice President, Harmony

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